Hi friends!
We want to take a minute and apologize for not posting these past few days. Unfortunately we had an unexpected health issue in the family and can no longer carry on with Basems Restaurant. It breaks our hearts to close our doors as we grew to love each and everyone of our very loyal customers! We thank you for being the best part of our days these past years we will miss all! As for now Basem & Nariman will be spending time with family enjoying life. Thank you again and don’t forget to check back for any future endeavors with the Ziyadehs!
May God bless you, As he did us.

Basem & Family

Jan 11


Chicken rice
Black bean
Tomato pea..$3.95

1/2 avocado with chicken salad and fresh fruit on bed lettuce…$8.95

Chicken pot pie..$7.95

1/2 grilled cheese and ham with soup..$6.95

Roasted eggplant, spinach, tomato and fresh mozz on ciabatta…$7.95

Jan 7


Chicken rice
Vegetable noodle
Split pea and ham…$3.95

Chicken pot pie..$7.95

1/2 grilled cheese with Tom and pesto with soup..$6.95

Cranberry walnut chicken salad with L and Tom on wrap..$6.95

Mac and cheese..$5.95

Jan 6


Chicken rice
Split pea and ham
Vegetable noodle..$3.95

1/2 grilled cheese and soup..$5.95

Turkey, roasted peppers and jalapeƱo hummus with lettuce and Tom…$6.95

Pulled pork and cheddar…$6.95

Cranberry walnut Boursin chicken salad on H.R..$6.95

Feb 4


Chicken rice
Sausage and orzo pasta
Lentil beef barley..$3.95

1/2 grilled cheese and soup…$5.95

Chicken fajita quesadilla with cheddar..$5.95

Roast beef with caramelized onions and cheese on brioche roll.$7.95

Jan 30


Chicken rice
Southern black bean
Vegetable bean…$3.95

1/2 grilled cheese with pesto and Tom with soup…$5.95

Fresh roast turkey and gravy on hard roll…$6.95

BBQ pulled pork on multigrain roll with cheddar cheese…$6.95

Chicken parm sub..$7.95

Fajita chicken with cheddar cheese on sub…$7.9

Jan 29


Chicken rice
Potato leek
Vegetable escarole with blk bean…$3.95

Fajita chicken grinder with cheese…$7.95

1/2 grilled cheese with soup..$5.95

BBQ pulled pork on eight grain roll…$6.95

Chicken salad plate with fresh fruit and cottage cheese..$8.95

Jan 28


Chicken rice
Beef barley
Broccoli rabe, sausage and pasta…$3.95

1/2 grilled cheese with Tom and pesto with soup…$6.95

Grilled ham, fresh mozz and Tom on ciabatta roll..$7.95

Chicken salad plate with fresh fruit and cottage cheese…$8.95

Turkey wrap with L, Tom and cranberry Boursin cheese..$7.95